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Of all the Croatian Islands, Vis is the most mysterious – even to the locals. The furthest of the main central Dalmatian Islands from the coast, Vis spent much of its recent history serving as a military base for the Yugoslav National Army, cut off from foreign visitors from the 1950’s right up until 1989. The isolation preserved the island from development and drove much of the population to move elsewhere in search of work, leaving it under populated for many years.

As has happened with impoverished islands across the Mediterranean, Vis’s lack of development has become its draw card as a tourist destination. International & local travellers alike now flock to Vis, seeking authenticity, nature, gourmet delights and peace & quiet. Vis produces some of Croatia’s best know wines – Vugava (white) in particular and you will see miles of vineyards across the island. You will also taste some of the freshest seafood here, thanks to the still-thriving fishing tradition.

Vis is divided between two beautiful small towns at the foot of two large bays; Vis Town, in the northeast; and Komiza, in the southwest. There is a friendly rivalry between the two - Vis Town is historically associated with the upper-class nobility, while Komiza is proud of its working-class fishing heritage & pirate tales. The rugged coast around the island is dotted with gorgeous coves, caves & a couple of sand beaches.

The island remnants of antiquity, displayed in the Archaeological Museum and elsewhere around Vis Town, offering a fantastic insight into the complex character of this tiny island, which has become a destination for the in-the-know travellers.