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----FRIDAY 13TH JANUARY 2017----

Fairy Bread Piñata: an absolute hit!

Early on last year before the season began, I came across a colourful ‘Fairy Bread’ DIY Piñata from STUDIO DIY, I had no idea whether I would get a chance to make it and for what occasion, but I stored the idea away for ‘just in case’ because I loved it too much. on Maja Jokic Wedding Photography

Heads-up: for those wondering what on earth ‘Fairy Bread’ is – it is a nostalgic party treat from NZ and Australia. At most children’s birthday parties, you would be hard-pressed not to find Fairy Bread among the spread. If we’re honest, it is the simplest (not to mention – cheapest) thing you can make as party food, but it’s the fun memories that are associated with it. Who doesn’t love buttered bread covered in sprinkles (or as we know them, 100’s and 1000’s)? Fun, colourful, full of sugar and obviously with a hint of magic…

Little did I know my moment would come. One of my wonderful couples Sophia & Peter were looking for something fun to complement their relaxed, rustic wedding on the island of Vis. Sophia is from the U.S but is now living in Australia with Peter who is originally from Perth; immediately the Fairy Bread came to mind and they loved the idea!

I quickly got to work sourcing and ordering the right bits and bobs, including over 800 fluffy balls to represent the sprinkles! Then it was time to get down and crafty. With the help of my hubby we created the giant Fairy Bread Piñata; standing back upon completion I was thrilled, it was a success!

Wedding Decorations Pinata Croatia

The Piñata looked fantastic set against the stunning backdrop of the Adriatic from the gorgeous location of Fort George, high above Vis. The children absolutely loved it, but they weren’t the only ones; looking around, it seemed to bring out the ‘big kid’ in us all. There were high-fives all around as each child stepped up to the plate to take their turn at bashing the gigantic Fairy Bread. on Maja Jokic Wedding Photography on Maja Jokic Wedding Photography

Until the moment that was brilliantly captured by Photographer Maja Jokic when the Piñata burst wide open to reveal the goodies inside – I must admit, it was a little sad to see my masterpiece smashed to smithereens, but so worth it to see the joy on everyone’s face. on Maja Jokic Wedding Photography on Maja Jokic Wedding Photography on Maja Jokic Wedding Photography

Needless to say, it was a hit and I think the children all left the wedding on a bit of a sugar-high, just like our parties as kids! on Maja Jokic Wedding Photography on Maja Jokic Wedding Photography on Maja Jokic Wedding Photography

Special shout out again to Studio DIY for the inspo and tutorial, if anyone else is feeling creative you can check out the link here:STUDIO DIY This was one of my favourite, unique projects from last season and definitely had an ‘Untamed touch’; now I am looking forward to the new & quirky projects 2017 has in store.

The possibilities are endless, think outside the box – Your wedding, your way.


They turned their ship romance into real love on land & the rest is history!

Tomi, a fun loving Croatian guy & Jelena, a beauty from Serbia found one another working at sea.

They turned their ship romance into real love on land & the rest is history!  Mr and Mrs Wedding Style

Nothing makes me happier than days filled with love and moments captured, that after all is why I got myself into this truly challenging but ultra rewarding business… helping to cultivate and execute two people’s vision in I way that reflects their style and signifies their love for one another is truly satisfying. I do it for the raw passion of it all.  Mr and Mrs Wedding Style

When they contacted me to plan their wedding with only 5 weeks to spare, I was surprised at just how chill they were and I could see immediately how happy and relaxed they were as a couple. I on the other hand was thinking 5 WEEKS Eeeek!! We had better get this show on the road!

T&J were a planners dream, remaining calm, always laughing and happy for me to take control throughout the entire process. Not only were they relaxed, Jelena had a little bun in the oven no less! They soaked up the experience and enjoyed every moment from start to finish, as every couple should.

The location is a dream; ‘Laganini Beach club’ is the ideal venue for a relaxed couple with a hint of chic on the untamed Dalmatian Coast. Their food & cocktails are to die for & the venue needs little in addition to the shabby-chic Mediterranean vibe.  Laganini Beach Club Croatia  Laganini Beach club Ciovo  Table Setting Wedding Croatia  Wedding Cocktails  Local Wedding Flowers

The flowers were seasonal and purchased from the local market, simply arranged, yet fresh & beautiful.

The gifts for their guests were unique boats hand made in Croatia, symbolizing where they met & perfectly in-keeping with their marriage by the sea.  Wedding Planning and Style  Wedding Band Laganini Ciovo Croatia

The very talented (& good looking, I might add!) band ‘BK Studio’ travelled from Zagreb to play sweet summer sounds and without a doubt blew everyone away! Bride arriving on Boat at Croatian Wedding

As the song ‘Somewhere over the rainbow’ played, Jelena arrived by boat before walking her way down (or up in this case!) the aisle where she met her husband-to-be under an alter of flowers overlooking the Adriatic sea. The ceremony was filled with laughter, love and smiles from all who were blessed to be there!  Unique DIY Wedding Alter  Bride and Groom Bridal Flowers Croatia Destination Weddings Croatia Photography

After sealing the deal & raising a toast the couple made their way down to the waters edge where their love, the scenery & a super talented photographer made magic happen! Wedding Photography Croatia Wedding Rakija

Now anyone who has been to Croatia knows that a celebration just isn’t complete without partaking in the local tradition of drinking ‘Rakija’ (also known as Grappa)! In addition the bride’s family travelled well prepared with their own version ‘Kleka’ and let me tell you this stuff will knock your socks off! Needless to say…the party started quickly! Wedding Celebrations Destiantion Wedding Love

T&J shared their ‘first dance’ under the moonlight to Metallica’s ‘Nothing Else Matters’ and yes the band NAILED it! Following was ‘Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life’ and the dance floor came to life with laughter all around! Local Croatian Food

The beautiful bride & mother-to-be soon changed into her comfy clothes for the cake cutting & to continue dancing the night away, true to her relaxed style! Laganini Beach Club Mr and Mrs Photography

Thank you Tomi & Jelena for remaining true to your couple style and letting me be apart of planning such a special day in your lives, congrats on your little girl who will be entering the world before you know it! XX

Wedding Planner: 'Untamed Adriatic Event Planner & Stylist'
Photographer: 'Sanja Lydia Weddings'
Band: 'BK Studio Band'
Venue: 'Laganini Beach Club'

----WEDNESDAY 23rd SEPTEMBER 2015----

The Legalities for your Destination Wedding in Croatia

Croatia is very popular as tourist destination and is fast becoming a leading wedding destination too. It’s no wonder with its ancient cities & UNESCO World heritage sites, countless hours of sunshine, fresh local produce & traditional cuisine.

In addition you have the rugged untamed Dalmatian coastline dotted with gorgeous Islands such as Hvar, Solta, Vis, Brac, Korcula to name a few, all surrounded by pristine waters that can only be described as ‘post-card perfect’.

Needless to say Croatia has an abundance of gorgeous locations in which to get married.

When you first get engaged the last thing that comes to mind is the paper trail that will soon become a mind numbing reality!

Destination Wedding preparations are exciting, but they can also be overwhelming, whilst you have all the fun details to plan you must also consider the legalities involved which can often feel very confusing especially if you are marrying in a foreign country & with a foreign language.

My first piece of advise for any couple planning a Croatian Wedding would be to seriously consider enlisting the help of a Planner who will advise you correctly, do their research & correspond as much as legally possible on your behalf. It most certainly can be difficult & very frustrating trying to do this on your own. Your planner can work side by side with you on all of the details from the paperwork, through to the perfect execution of your day, just the way you envisage it.


  • Valid passports (Valid for at least 1 year after the wedding date)
  • Photocopies of passport picture pages for the bride & groom as well as 2x witnesses that will be present on the day (including their address & occupation)
  • Original Birth Certificates
  • Parents consent if under the legal age of 18 years old
  • Divorce Decree (if applicable)
  • Deed Poll (if applicable)
  • Death Certificate (if applicable)
  • Other Documents specific to your Nationality, please see below.

Please note that all documents must be no older than 90 days when submitted & all must hold an Apostille Stamp & be official translated.

Applying for specific documents may require you to submit your passport and/or birth certificate so please keep this in mind when planning your travel arrangements.

Submission of all documents to the local town hall must be no later than 30-45 days prior to your wedding date (photocopies & scans will not be accepted).


Currently there are no minimum residency requirements in Croatia, however please keep in mind that you will need to meet with the local Maticar (Registrar) a few days prior to your wedding day to go through your paperwork but by this point everything should be in order. Civil Ceremony in Croatia


Civil Ceremonies are very popular and can be held almost anywhere you wish, keeping in mind that the location will need to be approved by the registry office & the cost of the Maticar (Register) will be calculated based on the travel required by Croatian authorities. That being said you can marry in extraordinary locations in or outdoors. If either the bride or groom does not speak Croatian, a court appointed translator must be present to recite the ceremony at the couple’s expense.

If you are a resident of the UK, Ireland, Australia, USA & Canada, your marriage license will be issued in English after the wedding & will be recognized in your home country.


Catholic & Orthodox faiths are the two main Religions in Croatia; therefore it is difficult to arrange a non-Catholic ceremony in Croatia, due to approximately 86% of Croatians being Catholic.

Religious ceremonies are not legally binding; therefore you will be required to have a civil ceremony prior to your Catholic ceremony. The same process is required as in many other countries; you will need to contact your local Priest, who will need to make contact with the Priest here in Croatia. You will need to complete your pre-marriage course & obtain permission from the Bishop. It is best to approach your local Priest for their advice.

Due to language barriers it is again recommended that you in list the services of a planner who can help during all of these processes & who can verify each stage of the process & help if there are any issues along the way. Destination Weddings Split Croatia



UK Citizens must give notice at your local registry office, also known as “Publishing the Banns”, in order to obtain your Certificate of No Impediment, which will be issued 23 days after, you have given notice.

Please note that this must be done no more than 6 months prior to your wedding date & the Certificate of No Impediment must be no older than 3 months when submitted to the Croatian Authorities, including an Apostille Stamp & Official Translation.


Irish Citizens must complete a statutory declaration, known as “Certificate de Coutume” in conjunction with forms pertaining to their marital status.

The “Certificate de Coutume” must be no older than 3 months when submitted to the Croatian Authorities, including an Apostille Stamp & Official Translation.


Australian Citizens must also obtain a Certificate of No Impediment from the department of Foreign Affairs & Trade in Australia. Along with this a certificate of Single Status (result being “No Record”) is required, which can be obtains by the Registry of Births, Deaths & Marriages.

Both the Certificate of No Impediment & the Certificate of Single Status must be no older than 3 months when submitted to the Croatian Authorities, including an Apostille Stamp & Official Translation for each.


A Sworn Statement made in the presence of a US consular officer must be obtained, stating that that person is an American Citizen & that they are free to marry, this will also state that the marriage contracted in Croatia is valid by U.S. authorities. This statement will then need to be authenticated by the Consular Section of the Croatian Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs in Zagreb, Croatia.

The Sworn Statement must be no older than 3 months when submitted to the Croatian Authorities, including an Apostille Stamp & Official Translation.


Canadian Citizens must obtain a Sworn Affidavit stating that there is no impediment to a marriage; this is to be made in the presence of a solicitor or in the Canadian Embassy where you are a resident.

Canadian Citizens must have their birth certificate legalized at the Canadian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and then again at the Croatian Embassy in Canada. This must be done between 45 to 6o days prior to the Wedding Date.

Again the documents must be no older than 3 months when submitted to the Croatian Authorities, including an Apostille Stamp & Official Translations.

We hope this information has been helpful, it may seem overwhelming but rest assured it’s worth it! If you would like a more personalized service please contact Charlie on or

Although much care has been made to ensure the above information is correct, please note that this is not to be received as legal advice & each case should be treated individually, laws are subject to change & a Professional Planner will treat it as such, based on the Nationality of each couple your planner will advise specifically & research on your behalf if necessary.

For official information please consult the Croatian Embassy or Consulate.

----SATURDAY 8TH AUGUST 2015----

When the dress comes first… My story & key tips

Dreaming about what could be on your big day can be oh so fun, but when it comes down to making it a reality, it can also be pretty overwhelming. Having a plan is key, but don’t forget to remain flexible & open to the organic flow of the process. Sometimes what comes first might actually surprise you & could help pave the way forward. tips on finding 'the' wedding dress by Untamed Adriatic

Rather than tell you where to start, today I will tell you my story as I did things a little backwards.

Before setting a date or choosing a venue, literally before any decisions were made, I randomly purchased my dress. Please note that I did, however, have our style and desired vibe clear in mind, which is crucial, ladies!

I guess I am one of the lucky ones who stumbled upon ‘The’ dress on my very first shopping venture with my main girl who was also looking for her own wedding dress. Funny enough, we happened to buy our dresses from the same designer on the same day…true soul sisters!

It sounds so nice, doesn’t it? Like I just walked in and it was this moment of clarity. Well, actually, it was quite the opposite. Initially I had my girlfriend’s needs in mind and wasn’t looking for myself, but let’s be honest what chica with a ring on her finger doesn’t look for herself, right?

I wasn’t ready to have any fittings; I was a couple of kilos over my normal weight and hadn’t seen the sun in months. As you can imagine, dress shopping was kind of painful, not to mention the retail assistant who loved everything my friend put on her tall, slim, beautiful body and shut down everything I happened to try, insisting that “it just doesn’t work,” rudely over and over.

Needless to say, I felt like crap.
One dress really caught my eye, but of course was only available in a size 6 and a size 12, nothing in between. The assistant handed me the 12 and assured me that the 6 “just won’t fit, darl” in her condescending tone.
The 12 looked terrible so I left the store never having tried the size 6 and feeling deflated to say the least.

After a couple of glasses of bubbles to heal my wounds and some sushi to feed my soul, we skipped and giggled along to another store in Sydney who happened to stock the same designer Carla Zampatti (check her out!). Again, only super small sizes were available!

My girlfriend convinced me to just try the 6, so to humor her I finally did. For this I owe her big time!

It barely fit… BUT IT DID FIT! tips on finding 'the' wedding dress by Untamed Adriatic

Reassuring myself that I was going to lose those extra kilos, I swiped my credit card and let out a sigh of relief as I knew this dress was me, completely & utterly me, no question about it.

Thinking back, the retail assistant had made me feel so bad about myself, she had managed to make me feel so small, as if I wasn’t worthy to be trying the dresses on that day. Maybe she thought a tattooed girl like myself wouldn’t actually spend the money in her store… I’m not sure.

What I am now sure of is that she lost her potential sale after all, and that you need to listen to yourself (or in this case a supportive friend) as I could have walked away with a negative attitude and a dreaded fear of ever trying on another damn wedding dress again!

Moving on from the negative encounter in the first store… tips on finding 'the' wedding dress by Untamed Adriatic

Personally for me, this was a great start to the wedding process. I felt like everything fell into place after the dress and I was more relaxed & free to focus on the other details.
I suddenly had an even clearer vision of the style for our big day.

My dress even suited my then-fiancé; he said that when we married, he felt like he was really marrying me, not an overly exaggerated version of myself. Our wedding truly was a reflection of us.

Now I am not saying that your whole day should be about the dress and to hold off planning until you have it. Oh, no! I am saying that this random happening worked for me and helped to make everything clear & girl did that help!

Enjoy the process & keep these shopping tips in mind.

  • First, envisage the style and vibe of your big day and, of course, the season. Don’t forget it’s the vision of you and your fiancé!
  • Spend some time in the wondrous land of Pinterest! Discover your wedding day style, just don’t lose yourself in all of those dreamy images, stay true to you and what’s realistic to your budget.
  • Whilst you may appreciate the “honest” opinions of others, if something feels right or feels wrong, go with your gut.
  • Try another size! If you love the dress but not the fit, don’t be afraid to try another. Remember that sizes differ from your normal clothes and you have the option of sourcing a talented seamstress (I certainly am not a size 6 in real life!).
  • Avoid trying on dresses over your budget; you’re only setting yourself up for possible disappointment. Keep it real!
  • Dabble in different styles to begin with, don’t be afraid to try them out, you will quickly learn what you don’t like and that’s a good thing! Keep in mind what styles suit your shape; we are not all models from a catalogue after all.
  • You may have time to kill, but be realistic as to how much you want to slim down (if at all!) in the time you have.
  • Last and most importantly, have fun with it! Don’t get disheartened and enjoy the process! tips on finding 'the' wedding dress by Untamed Adriatic

----WEDNESDAY 15TH JULY 2015----

Maja Jokic Wedding Photography

Ever had that feeling when you look at an image and you suddenly feel like you come alive whilst realizing you are so incredibly small in a world full of beauty? on Maja Jokic Wedding Photography

That’s how I feel when I soak up the images of Maja Jokic. on Maja Jokic Wedding Photography

Her work is stunning, its romantic, its modern. on Maja Jokic Wedding Photography

Maja isn’t afraid to embrace the perfections & the beautiful imperfections surrounding her. on Maja Jokic Wedding Photography

Her work speaks to us in volumes; therefore we just have to feature her & her talents with you today. on Maja Jokic Wedding Photography

She is an inspiring young artist, incredibly humble & her passion is visible in every image she creates. She travels Croatia capturing love stories & leaving a strong imprint behind her. on Maja Jokic Wedding Photography

Imagine 20 years from now, you look back on your love story with images like these, well the reality is that you can & truly you should. We cannot stress enough the importance of a quality photographer. Your day will fly by in an instant but a talented photographer will capture the moments that you feel, the moments you may miss & those documented results, well they really do stay with you always. on Maja Jokic Wedding Photography

Untamed Adriatic only works with artists that inspire & who strive for the best quality in the work they produce & Maja certainly is one of those artists who we are only proud to be able to showcase.

CHECK HER OUT - 'Maja Jokic Weddings'

Models: K&J
Venue: Maple Valley
Flower design: Lela Design
Styling: Lucija Juroš
Make up & Hair: JL Style
Cake: Magnolia

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